Friday, 11 April 2014

Sports Eye Foundation Uganda mobilizes civil society organisations in Uganda under the theme: commemorating the 1st international day on sports for development and peace.

Games were held at Makerere university business school from 9:00AM - 5:00PM.

Thursday, 3 April 2014



Sunday 6th April is the 1st commemoration of the international day on sports for development and peace. Despite the role sports has played throughout our development agendas and initiatives, this day was identified by the UN general assembly last year and is to be realized through diverse commemoration activities organized worldwide.

In Uganda, Sports Eye Foundation Uganda has mobilized National civil society organizations (NGOs, CBOS, Coalitions, Networks etc) into sportive engagements a day before (5th April) so as to inform the CSO fraternity of the new annual international sports day and its relevance in influencing programmings and activities within the NGO fraternity of Uganda.

Come be part of the world waves of celebration at Makerere University Business School from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Sports Eye Foundation has added value to communities through its sports interventions / programmes amongst which include:-

1. “Youth against election violence campaign” which was jointly carried out with Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) in 2011 aimed at sensitizing youth not to be violent towards the general elections of 2011. This sports initiative was carried out throughout the four divisions of Kampala district and attracted over 1000 youths into the engagements.

2. Organized the National sports conference 2011 that brought on board all sports personalities from the various sports backgrounds of media, academia, leadership, active and passive athletes’ amongst others to share and deliberate on the status of sports in the Country. This conference was opened by the state minister for finance Hon: Jachan Omachi and was closed by a representative from the Uganda Olympic committee Mr. Ssemanda Collins.

6. The National civil society sports league which is so far one of SEFU’s outstanding programmes since inception was launched on 24th February 2013 and was to create a platform for NGOs to closely interact for mutual benefits during this sports meet so as to reduce the gaps between various organizations, this helps young organizations to connect with those that have existed for some time and as well create a platform for creating partnerships and connections. The league since then has brought on board various non governmental institutions which show case their workers / staff and publications while engaging in games.

7. popularization of the youth fund bill.

Sports Eye Foundation Uganda is a member of the Green Light Movement (GLM) which movement brings on board majority of youth and youth organizations in the Country who periodically advance particular youth concerns with one voice. On behalf of GLM, Sports Eye Foundation Uganda took lead in the popularization of the youth fund bill. (A bill forwarded by the youth members of parliament on the floor of parliament in it stipulating how the youth of Uganda would like the newly established National youth fund to be managed / administered).

SEFU therefore carried out a sports sensitization drive in northern Uganda and Amuru district in particular. This was done with the support from USAID through NDI and the programme was in partnership with the Uganda parliamentary forum on youth affairs.


We envision a society contributing to sports development that addresses National and community associated life challenges.


Promoting partnerships and synergies with institutions of the sports sector and civil society as well as mobilizing communities through organized sports events and functions aimed at addressing life challenges and the promotion of sports development.


To use sports as a driving tool in transforming communities.

To champion sports development and sports health awareness within community’s and the civil society fraternity of Uganda.

To contribute to sports management and leadership standards within sports governing federations and institutions through collaborations and partnerships with various sports stakeholders in the Country.

Programme areas:

a. Advocacy

b. Mobilization and sensitization / community empowerment

c. Corporate social responsibility.

d. Governance and accountability / democracy.